CEAV - Trading as The Australian Centre for Career Education

The Career Education Association of Victoria Inc (CEAV) is the peak state based association representing career practitioners in a variety of educational settings.

The CEAV was formed in 1975 to provide service and support to career practitioners in schools to assist young people with their future career planning.  Over time the association has grown to include career practitioners working with young people in a variety of educational settings including non-school based settings.  The membership base now represents a wide range of educational and industry groups and provides service to its members thorough its distinct units, Professional Development, Counselling and Consultancy.

In 2013, the CEAV redeveloped its profile to be more reflective of all career practitioners who make up its member base. Our members provide quality career education programs across a wide spectrum of educational facilities and an even wider age group of delivery.  In 2014, the association commenced trading as the Australian Centre for Career Education (ACCE).

The ACCE now has the capacity to provide a more holistic approach to career education services for its members and the broader community.


The Australian Centre for Career Educations’ vision is to service the wider public benefit as the leader in the provision of quality career education and career development services and products to the community.


The Australian Centre for Career Education supports clients and those most disadvantaged within the broader community to access career education, quality career development services and products. The ACCE supports its members to promote career development as a lifelong process. This is achieved through the development and delivery of ethical and professional career education programs, careers counselling services and products.

CEAV Code of Ethics doc
CEAV Continuing Professional Development Policy http://www.ceav.vic.edu.au/sites/default/files/document_icons/icon_doc.gif

Purpose Statement

The Australian Centre for Career Education values career development as a means to promote social inclusion, economic benefit and sustainable human workforce development, so that all people may lead engaging and productive lives. There is a wider public benefit to be served in overcoming the lack of knowledge and skills and other disadvantage experienced by certain groups of people in the community seeking access to career and
employment opportunities.


To achieve this, the Objectives of  ACCE are to:

  1. Successfully advocate for Career Education for the public benefit in conjunction with schools, parent bodies, principal groups, government departments, employment agencies, employer bodies, unions, employer groups and other stake holders.
  2. Draw clients from all walks of society, including having a focus on engaging indigenous communities, people with low socio-economic status, people with disabilities, people who speak English as an additional language and people from rural and remote communities.
  3. Successfully deliver professional career education services to the community.
  4. Develop and provide relevant, innovative and quality career development professional learning and training programs, products and communication mediums.
  5. Conduct and publish career research.
  6. Enhance and develop collaborative, effective and strategic relationships with relevant organisations.
  7. Develop the professional career development skills and knowledge of our members, staff and the community.

Links to national associations

The ACCE has links with equivalent associations interstate. It is also a founding member of The Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) is the national industry body for career practitioners in Australia. It is a strategic alliance of Australia professional associations involved in career development. CICA developed the National Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners.