Advertising Options

The CEAV provides the community with a number of advertising options.

CEAV Corporate Members can Log into the Member Lounge to submit events to the 2018 Career Practitioners Calendar of events. Please note that events will be checked for relevance to the Careers Community before being posted.

CEAV eJournal

Specifications for advertisement artwork

Issues Advertisement Deadlines 2018 Article Deadlines 2018
Autumn April 30 2018 April 4 2018
Winter July  30 2018 June 27 2018
Spring November 4 2018

October 31 2018

Summer  December 19 2018

December 19 2018



Full page Back Cover $500 $50 $550
Full page Inside back cover $500 $50 $550
Full page (selected area) $500 $50 $550

*You can book for all 2018 Editions online. 
Corporate Members receive a 5% discount off the prices above when they are logged into the Member Lounge.

For CEAV eJournal inquires contact Lee Ponsioen at

CEAV Calendar Advertising for 2018

The CEAV calendar is a print calendar distributed to all members at the start of the school year. The calendar contains important dates for career practitioners. Organisations can purchase month(s) in the calendar.

You purchase a month of the calendar at a cost of $550 per month: CEAV Shop

For more information about the CEAV calendar please contact Lee Ponsioen at

2018 Calendar Entries will open for purchase on January 2018

Advertisements for the calendar must comply with the Calendar Advertising Specifications attachment at the bottom of this webpage:
It's a great idea to add a sticky note within your advertisement for your reminders to Career Practitioners. 

Attachment Size
 PDF GLG_CEAV_Specs.pdf 35.42 KB



Labels will be posted to you once payment and signed agreement are received by CEAV.


Cost: $550
GST: $50
Total: $550

Full Mailout Service

Cost of labels plus $95 per hour (includes GST). Postage cost is additional and is dependent on weight. **

**Client supplies insert & envelopes (envelopes must have postage paid printed on top right corner)

**Agreement to be signed to say that the labels will not be copied.

To find out how to purchase the mailing labels please contact Lee Ponsioen via email at or Rachel Dodson at


INSERT in Mailout

The CEAV mails to its members during the year, (the dates and types of these mailouts change every year). Advertisers may choose to to place flyers or inserts in any of these mailouts.  Advertisers will be notified by email of the dates for mailouts in 2018.

You may choose to send us pre-printed inserts (see below for the sizes we accept) or for an additional cost have the CEAV print your insert for inclusion in the mailout (again see below for the allowed sizes)

Pre-Printed A5 or A4 sheet 80gsm

Cost: $550
GST: $50
Total: $550

Once you have booked your insert please send 650 inserts to CEAV, P O Box 245, Greensborough, 3088 at least two weeks prior to the scheduled mailout.

To enquire about placing an insert in the next mailout please contact Lee Ponsioen: at