Location: CEAV Institute, 61 Civic Drive Greensborough

Credit: 6 hrs

CICA Standards

6.3.1a Describe major career development theories

6.3.1b Apply career development theories to practice

6.3.1f Refer individuals to the appropriate sources

6.3.1h Assist individuals to identify their work-related interests, skills, knowledge and values

6.3.3d Use appropriate and professional written communication skills

6.3.6b Keep up-to-date with technology

6.3.7a Maintain client records

6.3.7b Evaluate the service provided to clients



2.6 Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

3.4 Select and use resources

5.4 Interpret student data


6.2 Engage in professional learning and improve practice

Facilitator: Frank Thompson


Train to become an accredited career voyage adviser. Career Voyage is a comprehensive vocational assessment tool, using carefully designed and researched software to assist young people and adults make informed career decisions. In five easy steps the user gains invaluable insights and reports including a personal profile, specific job suggestions (with accompanying occupational information), action planning and Resume/CV writing. Easy to use, suitable for all levels of ability. Compatible with iPads and tablets.