CEAV 2016 Conference - Food & Fibre Futures

Don't miss your opportunity to hear from leaders and experts in the field of Food & Fibre! 

All registrations are being subsidised by  Rabobank.

Did you know that the current global population of 7 billion is on track to increase to 9 billion by 2050?  Currently more than 50% of global population reside immediately to the north of Australia.  And population growth averages 158 new mouths per minute, mostly near Australia.  The demand for food is expected to double in the next 35 years.  Can we feed the world sustainably given increasing scarcity of resources?  The answer is a resounding YES, but much innovation and change is required.

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Following very favorable member feedback the CEAV has partnered with Rabobank Australia Limited, (a specialist food & agribusiness bank) and Rimfire Resources (a specialist agribusiness recruitment firm) to bring together a highly industry focused event demonstrating the breadth, and depth of careers in the Food & Fibre value chain.  This conference is designed to improve the Labour Market knowledge of members to better inform their career services practices and career education programs.


The CEAV is please to advise that Rabobank Australia Limited has offered to subsidise all participants at a discounted rate.   admin@ceav.vic.edu.au or phone Lee Ponsioen on 03 9810 6400.






1 Day Conference                                       Rate                 GST                             Total                    

Rate                                                                                     $99.00                   $9.90                                   $108.90



The Food and Fibre Conference is being held at the RACV Club - Conference and Events Centre, Level 7, 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne.  Morning tea, and lunch is included in the registration price.  The RACV Club offer accommodation in a wide range of rooms and suites.  Delegates requiring accommodation can arrange this by contacting the RACV Club on 1300 139 059.

For further information regarding the conference please contact the CEAV Office on 03 9810 6400 or admin@ceav.vic.edu.au