CEAV Conferences

2009 Biennial Conference Keynote PresentationThe CEAV provides one and two day conferences for its members each year.  The conferences promote advancement and research in the field of career development in the education sector.

Conference Program 2014 12 November  1 day program : Unlocking Career Potential for Young People with Asperger's.

Location: University of Melbourne Hawthorn Campus.

Price: $200.00 including GST

This one day program will feature, guest speakers in the field,  including a young person with Asperger's in employment who will share their career story, workshops and keynote delivered by  Associate Professor Amanda Richdale, Latrobe University.  The program will focus on how career practitioners can network effective with agencies and institutions to support young people with Asperger's stay connected with employment and training.

Registrations are now open. To register to attend this conference please visit: http://www.ceav.vic.edu.au/catalogue/162/3551

Topics Covered Include: 

  • Young person with Asperger ’s perspective on employment and training
  • Parents of young person with Asperger ’s perspective on career planning
  • Transition planning, transition issues and support for students with ASD attending TAFE or university
  • Support for students with Asperger ’s in school settings
  • NDCO update
  • Disability Recruitment and Training
  • How DES providers operate


Industry Panel:

Facilitator: Sally Bailey SkillsPlus 0439 897 027


  • Stephanie Viglione, Young adult in open employment
  • Trevor Bell, North Star Specialist Employment Service
  • Andrea Evans­-McCall (Parent), National Disability Coordination Officer Eastern Victoria & Outer South East Region


Associate Professor Amanda Richdale, Latrobe University – Transition issues and support for students with ASD attending TAFE or university


Participants will be able to attend two workshops across the program and choose from six topics on the day . Each
workshop will provide practical strategies and interventions on dealing with young people with Asperger’s and their
career planning needs. Topics will include: career planning for transition to further training, accessing support services, employment preparation and options, issues related to disclosure transition to higher education, support programs for schools, access and equity programs.

Workshop Themes:

1. Transition Planning for students with Asperger's and the road map to support services and employment - Effie Kapsalos & Kim Broad

This workshop will outline:

• The National Disability Coordination Officer (NDCO) Program - what NDCOs do, how they can help and who they work with

• Useful NDCO resources and websites to support students with Asperger’s transitioning into further education, training and employment

• Support and employment services for students with Asperger’s

• Job Services Australia and Disability Employment Services - who funds them, services they provide and tips for service users

• Tips for navigating your way through further education, training and employment options

2. Careers that work - Julie Farthing

People on the Autism Spectrum can have highly successful careers in a range of work environments and pursuits; unfortunately, though, many fail to achieve their potential. This workshop will address some of the prevailing myths, and explore the relevance of passions, special interests, and strengths for young people on the Spectrum in making career choices, with tips on ways career practitioners can assist students to tap into these.

3. Managing complex behavior in adolescents with ASD - Debra Atherton

This presentation will look at Autism and Asperger's syndrome and the latest diagnostic criteria.

We will look at strategies to assist students better manage themselves  and their stress levels and

we will discuss things that the person with ASD wants you to know.

If time, we can work through how to target a behaviour that is interfering with learning and assist the person in replacing the behaviour with something more socially acceptable.

4. 'An 'I Can' Approach to supporting young Australians on the Autism spectrum' - Chris Varney

The workshop will explore the I Can Network's school and tertiary pilots. These pilots are a direct response to the chronic unemployment and underemployment experienced by young adults on the Autism spectrum (i.e. only 34% of Australians with Autism are employed). The mission of the pilots is to promote an 'I Can' attitude in schools and universities. Practically, they implement methods in supporting young people on the Autism spectrum. These methods include mentoring, recognition and communication upskilling. The long-term outcome of the pilots is schools and universities where all its members treat it as an ‘I Can’ zone for all its students, including students on the Autism spectrum. The workshop will share learning from pilots that are up and running.

5. Tertiary Education: Options, Opportunities & Challenges - Edwina Newham & Stefanie Hansen

Transitioning into Tertiary Education is an exciting time for secondary students and their families and can at the same time be particularly stressful for young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This presentation will highlight common difficulties that may arise during a student’s time at TAFE or university, suggest strategies for a smoother transition and discuss the support options available to students to assist them along their pathway to a meaningful career.

6. ASD student in a Mainstream Secondary Setting - Helene Humphreys

This session will present an explanation of Asperger's Syndrome, the diagnostic procedure and similarity to other syndromes. We will look at how it impacts on students in a Secondary setting and how we can enable these students to reach their potential in the least stressful way possible. Time will be devoted to some strategies that have worked for us.

Benefits and learning outcomes include : 

Participation at this conference will provide participants with:

  • Increased understanding of the needs of young people with Asperger ’s
  • An understanding of how to assist young people with Asperger ’s to make career decisions about study , training and employment
  • Increased capacity to develop strategies and resources to assist young people with Asperger ’s in their career development and management

Target Audience: 

Career practitioners; Special Education teachers; Integration Coordinators; Integration Aides, Principal class, Year Level Coordinators, MIPs coordinators, Transition Brokers, VET, VCAL Coordinators, TAFE and University Careers and DLU services.


To register to attend this conference please visit: http://www.ceav.vic.edu.au/catalogue/162/3551