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World of Work on Wheels Tours (WOWOW Tours)

McGuire College with Aceline the Humanoid Robot

Virtual Reality glasses showcasing the six growth industries in Victoria














VET Industry Taster

Students immersed in the Nursing VET Industry Taster at Sunraysia TAFE

Students learning how to take blood sugar levels

Students engaged in the Applied Ecology VET Industry Taster, where they engaged in a hands-on laboratory session. Including identification of various fish, bugs, and other critters; the set up and installation of pitfall traps; and the correct method of plant specimen mounting and labelling.

Lalor students using state of the art digital surveying equipment at Melbourne Polytechnic Preston





Industry Immersion Days

Students from Cranbourne East Secondary College talking to staff at Aconex

Cranbourne East students rated and analysed their favourite apps

Students got to experience how the engineers use Virtual Reality to visualise the construction projects they are working on.

The Dream Collective using the NAB Village space to discuss and reflect on 21st Century Leaderships skills

Feedback from the Exploring Work Futures through VET program

"Participation in the ‘Exploring Work Futures through VET’ has supported our College’s A.I.P. for Improving Student Outcomes by broadening students’ knowledge about the VET pathways, and encouraging students to make the best choices for their future during subject selection. The increased awareness, and popularity of VET subjects amongst our student cohort is noticeable, and participation in ‘Exploring Work Futures through VET’ has contributed." Kay Peddle, Pascoe Vale Girls College

Link to Letter from Kay Peddle, Pascoe Vale Girls College




Warragul Secondary College Virtual Expo showcasing Myfuture, Victorian Skills Gateway and Australian Apprenticeships and Pathways

Warragul students engaged in EZ-Robots and Sphero Sparks remotely controlled via a phone app



The World of Work on Wheels first regional tour was to Shepparton, followed by Ouyen, Horsham, Ballarat, Warragul and Bairnsdale.

After the Term 3 school holidays we will be heading to Wodonga, Hamilton, Warnambool and Geelong.

Over 2800 students from across Victoria have been engaged and immersed in new technologies that continue to shape our world and the way we work. The WOWOW tours are designed to engage and inspire young people to start the conversations about careers, build aspirations and experience first hand new technologies.

The WOWOW tours have also completed metropolitan tours to Flemington, Cranbourne East, Dandenong and Broadmeadows. In Term 4 we will be visiting Melton, Emerson School, Nepean School, Rosebud, Lilydale Heights, Jacana School for Autism and Upper Yarra Secondary School in Yarra Junction.

The work futures team are excited to bring this program to Victorian Government Schools and have really enjoyed the engagement and excitement the WOWOW tours have created.

All students will receive the Exploring Work Futures through VET Student Workbook.

Teacher lesson plans have been developed to support the delivery of career education related to the student workbook and this has been mapped to the Victorian Curriculum and Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework.

Please include information and links to the parent fact sheets in your school newsletter to assist and support students in starting the career conversations at home with their family.

This information can be downloaded from the the CEAV website via the following links;

Student Resources

Teacher Resources

Parent Resources




Red Cliffs student learning how to install a light in the Electrotechnology VET Industry Taster


Students immersed with laboratory equipment including microscopes and blood kits to solve the SuniTAFE murder mystery.

Murder Mystery challenge in Laboratory Operations at Sunraysia TAFE

3D Cad drawing at Melbourne Polytechnic Preston

The VET Industry Tasters are a great way for students to experience a day in the life of a TAFE student. It is predicted that 9 out of 10 growth occupations in 2020 are from a tertiary qualification.

Some of these include:
General Sales Assistants
Registered Nurses
Aged and Disabled Carers
Child Carers
General Clerks
Contract, Programme and Project Administration
Chefs & Waiters

This program is a fantastic hands-on experience for students and gives them a real taste of what it is like to study a certificate course at TAFE.

Students from Chaffey Secondary College, Werrimull P-12 School, Red Cliffs Secondary College and Flo Connect really enjoyed the day at Sunraysia TAFE.

As well as students from Lalor Secondary College who engaged in the VET Industry Taster at Melbourne Polytechnic in Preston.

At Melbourne Polytechnic Preston campus students were engaged in robotics, surveying, 3D CAD and BIM modelling and Coding.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) is certainly a viable option for young people to consider when thinking about pathways after secondary school or whilst at school by undertaking a VETis program during years 11 & 12.

Occupations that will survive are those that will be very difficult to automate and will become increasingly focused on Technology and STEM.

40% of jobs will disappear in the next 10-25 years due to automation

Some of the jobs that will disappear are:

  • Checkout operators
  • Receptionists
  • Secretary's
  • Office support staff
  • Realestate agents
  • Factory workers
  • Tax, bus & truck drivers
  • Sales assistants

Jobs of the future:
Allied Health
Bio Scientists
Motor Mechanics
Food Scientists
Clean Energy Specialists
IT Workers
Designers in general





Introduction by Shona McPherson from Foundation for Young Australians held at Kangan ACE Docklands

Students from Cranbourne East SC preparing their product pitch

Students presenting their pitch

Interactive activity at Computershare

The Industry Immersion Days are an opportunity for students in years 9 & 10 from Victorian Government schools to spend a day being immersed in two real work environments in Melbourne.

The first Industry Immersion day held on September 21 included the following organisations of which some IT companies that were Melbourne start ups; Aconex, Taguchi, Amazon Web Services, Computershare, Swinburne University of Technologies Dream Factory and Factory of the Future, NAB Village and The Dream Collective.

Students from Cranbourne East Secondary College and Victoria University Secondary College started the day with an introduction from Shona McPherson from Foundation for Young Australians (FYA)and Katrina Turner from The Dream Collective, talking about the new work order and the skills needed to navigate a rapidly changing and technologically driven world.

After the introduction students then moved to their first Industry Immersion where they were engaged in activities to experience the new ways in which people are working, how technology is shaping the type of work and occupations that are predicted in the future growth industries in Victoria.

Some of these activities included looking at gaps in certain industries and coming up with app ideas to solve these gaps. What would you call your product/ service, what are the benefits to industry and how will you pitch your product/service. Students then presented to the group and host organisation their ideas.

Others were engaged in 21st Century Leadership discussions and reflections. Self-awareness about what leadership skills you have to offer or can develop. This included leaderships, communication, business, innovation and wellness. What is your brand and what are the three words you would use describe yourself? How would others describe you?

What type of leader are you?


Situational, Charismatic, Authoritorium, Paternalistic, Democratic, Transactional, Transformational, Situational, Servant or The Strategist

What are your strengths?

Check your strengths using this link: https://www.viacharacter.org/www/

What are your biases?

Check your biases using this tool: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/australia/takeatest.html

How do  you manage stress?

How do you manage your time?

These are all important things to think about when preparing for the new work order and the world of work you will be entering into in the future.