Gray Poehnell

Gray Poehnell is an experienced career consultant from Canada with over 29 years’ experience in career development, with a strong focus on holistic approaches that cultivate hope, practical spirituality, creativity, imagination, and career integrity. As partner to Dr. Norman Amundson in Ergon Communications, he has participated in the development and writing of numerous career counselling projects, programs, and resources (including several workbooks: Career Pathways, Career Crossroads, CareerScope, and Guiding Circles).

Having worked with diverse client populations (such as Aboriginals, youth, social assistance recipients, older adults, immigrants, professionals, and clients with multiple barriers), Gray is widely recognised for his dynamic training of career practitioners both nationally and internationally.

Gray is of Metis descent (one of the 3 Indigenous groups in Canada) and since 2002 has been developing career approaches and tools that reflect values, such as spirituality, community, and life balance, which are integral to the lives of many people, including Aboriginal peoples.

Through books, workshops, conference sessions, and keynotes, he has presented the Hope-Filled Engagement approach (as reflected in Guiding Circles) to several thousand career practitioners, who work with indigenous peoples and other vulnerable client or student groups that benefit from a more holistic approach. He is currently working on a new book with the working title A Better Story to assist people to craft a better story for themselves that connects with who they truly are and that can sustain them as they move forward on their life/career journey in today’s chaotic world of life and work. This is an essential skill because the stories people choose to listen to will be the stories they follow. People need stories that can enable them in a positive way rather than negative inner stories that hold them back.

Gray was the 2011 recipient of the Stu Conger Award for Leadership in Career Counselling and Career Development for his visionary leadership, exemplary achievement, and inspired dedication to the advancement of excellence in career development in Canada.