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COVID-19 Incident Notification Regulations

Temporary Occupational Health and Safety (COVID-19 Incident Notification) Regulations 2020 (OHS COVID-19 Regulations) commenced on Tuesday 28 July 2020. In this state of emergency and pandemic situation, timely notification of potential transmission of COVID 19 is critical for efficient and effective management of related health and safety risks.

If you receive a positive COVID-19 test result, please notify Adrienne via email or phone. 




9433 8033




Updated: Monday 9 November 2020


8 July 2020

Additional 2 Payments to Consultants

You should have received an email from the DET Program Manager (Jane Fennessy) on Wednesday 8 July (sent via Adrienne). The email included important information about two additional payments for Career Consultants: A Cancellation Fee and Regional Loading. 

  • Cancellation Fee: Where an online interview cannot go ahead, through no fault of the Consultant, a $20 cancellation fee will be paid. This will be back-dated to include interviews cancelled in Term 2, and will continue to be available throughout Terms 3 and 4. It applies to Webex delivery only.
  • Regional Loading: During Terms 3 and 4, Consultants will be paid $80 per face-to-face interview with students in remote locations, to cover additional expenses associated with travel to these locations.

CANCELLATION FEE - Retrospective payments:

Please contact Sabrina Martins via email to find out how many of your interviews during Term 2 are eligible for the cancellation fee. Can you please add this on your next invoice as a separate item, marked “Cancellation Fee”. Please direct any questions or concerns to Adrienne, rather than Sabrina.

CANCELLATION FEE - Terms 3 and 4:

We will be providing you with an online form to complete during Terms 3 and 4 when Webex interviews are unable to proceed due to IT issues/system outages. The form will be validated by the Regional Co-ordinator responsible for the school booking, with final approval sitting with Adrienne as the Program Manager. The form (and instructions) will be made available to you this week.


The Regional loading will be assigned to specific rural and regional schools for face-to-face interviews only. To be eligible, Consultants must live approximately 100kms away from the school.  If you are eligible for the loading, you will be notified at the time of the booking. In terms of invoicing, please add the booking as a separate item, marked "Regional Loading".

26 June 2020

Good afternoon everyone

The last day of Term 2 has arrived and I thought it was a good time to send another email. What a whirl-wind of a Term! Thank you for your patience and perseverance. We have now interviewed 8,279 students. Incredibly, 5,300 of these have been conducted via Webex. Student feedback is really terrific, with an average satisfaction rating (agree or strongly agree) of 93%. We will pop these results on the Hub.

We have started booking schools for Term 3, so keep an eye on MIMS (and remember to confirm your pending actions once accepted or declined). Though bookings have the 'remote' or 'face-to-face' icon attached, the Regional Co-ordinator will provide specific information about the delivery mode. Some schools are opting for a hybrid model, while others that had initially booked face-to-face delivery have needed to switch over to Webex after their suburb was identified as a COVID-19 hot-spot. We will keep the comms flowing during Term 3.

The team and I hope you have a lovely few weeks over the school holidays.




9 June 2020

Good afternoon everyone,

We have a jam-packed schedule the week beginning Monday 15 June.

If anyone has availability (in addition to what is already indicated in MIMS) please advise Adrienne via email ASAP -

Thank you,


1 May 2020

As you are aware, we are in the process of establishing remote delivery of follow-up "unpacking" interviews using webex. All Consultants have been sent a DET IT form to complete. This will provide you with an edumail account, which will be used as your webex log-in. Once the Department has set up your account, we will be back in contact to arrange a one-on-one training session. 
We have added some resources to this page to support you in remote delivery. Please familiarise yourself with these resources over the coming weeks.
Thank you for your patience and your continued support.


Term 1 Student Feedback

QUESTION 1: My assessment results identified my aptitudes, interests and personality 94% strongly agree or agree
QUESTION 2: The Morrisby Adviser clearly explained my results to me 96% strongly agree or agree
QUESTION 3: The Morrisby Adviser helped me identify appropriate action steps 93% strongly agree or agree
QUESTION 4: The interview was a useful experience which will help me plan my future 89% strongly agree or agree
QUESTION 5: Overall I am satisfied with my Morrisby experience 92% strongly agree or agree




There are no webinars scheduled at this point in time. Please visit the Resources for CCs page to watch past webinars



E-Counselling Considerations

CEAV members have recently requested some guidelines in relation to online career counselling. These considerations are included below for your reference. Please note that this is a general resource only and are not specific to My Career Insights delivery.

Understanding the Online Learning Environment

Though these resources have been developed for schools and parents, they provide some good background/context to support us in our delivery. 



A message about child safety and Victoria's Child Safe Standards from the Principal Commissioner and the Commissioner for Aboriginal for Children and Young People.

Video Length: 00.03.20

The CEAV has also created 2 documents regarding Child Safe Standards. Please familiarise yourself with these prior to remote deployment.