Frequently Asked Questions

For schools

Are all schools required to participate?

It is acknowledged that some schools already have well established career planning services that they offer to students. This service is intended to strengthen those offerings and provide additional insights to students about their innate strengths and abilities.

My Career Insights utilises the Morrisby Online Assessment tool and is intended to generate additional information students might not otherwise receive. This profile is designed to complement other career advisory and planning activities and support them to revisit their preferences and goals proactively across the senior years.

As such, schools who wish to decline the offer will be invited to discuss the service with their regional coordinator.  If the matter cannot be resolved, then the particular case will be discussed with the Department of Education and Training. 


When will the Morrisby Online Assessment tool be available for Year 9 students?

The Morrisby Online Assessment tool will be available from Term 1 in 2020 with testing of student groups being undertaken from Term 1 to Term 4.

A Regional Coordinator employed by the Career Education Association of Victoria (CEAV) will work with you to schedule your students to sit the assessment and to complete the follow up interviews with qualified careers counsellors.  

This scheduling will be supported via the management system within Morrisby for ease of bookings.


Are there any issues that we need to think about in having Morrisby online tool to be delivered in a timely and effective manner across the state?

It is not anticipated that there will be any major issues in the roll out of the My Career Insights for Year 9 Students.  The CEAV has been working closely with the Department of Education and Training to plan the roll out. This includes conducting early testing with a select number of schools to ensure that the system and processes are ready for implementation in 2020. Full testing has occurred and no issues were reported.

To support implementation across the state, schools will be supported with comprehensive guidelines as well as an online booking system.  

In addition, the CEAV will appoint eight Regional Coordinators who will work closely with schools in their region. Regional Coordinators will be trained in the Morrisby Online Tool and will be available to troubleshoot local issues with support from the central CEAV team and Career Analysts Pty Ltd.


How will the new My Career Insights online tool support culturally and linguistically diverse students, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and students of differing abilities?

Communications material will be tailored to a number of language groups to ensure that parents and students understand My Career Insights.

In addition, where students require interpretation services, this will be arranged as part of the student testing process well in advance of testing being scheduled as well as for the interview process which parents may also attend.

All Career Counsellors will also undertake professional development through Stand Up Collaboration to ensure there is a high standard of capacity to provide high quality services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and to confidently engage with their families.

The Morrisby Online tool can also adapt its functionality to support students with disability to benefit from the testing and the follow up interview. The CEAV is working with the Department of Education and Training to trial and test this approach with specialist schools.


Are there any costs for My Career Insights?

This Service is free to Victorian government schools. Costs for the testing and face-to-face interview are covered by funding from the Victorian Government.  The profile will be able to be updated and used for career planning purposes in the senior years of high school.



For Practitioners

Will there be training on the Morrisby Online Assessment Tool for existing career advisers?

Training will be made available as part of the ongoing professional development delivered by the Careers Education Association of Victoria in partnership with Career Analysts.  It is expected that this will be timetabled and people will be able to book in to sessions via the usual channels.


Can I apply for a Careers Counsellors position at any time?

The CEAV welcomes ongoing applications for Career Counsellors. The position description can be found on the CEAV website and includes important information about minimum qualifications and pre-requisites as well as pay and conditions. 


What are the qualifications and training requirements of the Career Counsellors? 

At a minimum, Graduate Certificate qualifications in Career Development Practice and professional standing with CICA are required.  A Bachelor degree with teaching qualifications and VIT registration will be well regarded. The CEAV will require proof of these qualifications through the appointment process. 


Is there a requirement for the Careers Counsellors to be familiar with student cohorts from their regions?

It is expected that Careers Counsellors will be drawn from your local region, providing an opportunity to build strong relationships with schools.   In addition, the Regional Coordinator will work closely with your school over the two years of the project to ensure that there is a strong understanding of student requirements. 


Will there be enough resources to ensure that all Year 9s are provided with the service by the end of Term 3?

Students will begin to sit their online assessment in Term 1, and that there will be a full schedule of students accessing the online assessment from then through Term 2 and Term 3.  Where possible, the Regional Coordinator will align these activities with existing school career planning and subject selection.

There are a number of factors that will influence this including school size, location and student cohorts. As such, an implementation plan will be developed for each of the regions, with a regional coordinator overseeing each region.

An online booking platform will also be used which will enable a streamlined approach and close monitoring of expected uptake.  A nominated officer in your school will be able to access this system to schedule the assessment and interviews for the Year 9 students.