Overview of My Career Insights



All Year 9 students in Victorian Government Schools will be offered the Morrisby Online career diagnostic assessment from Term 1 2020

The Department has engaged the Career Education Association of Victoria, which will be working with Career Analysts Pty Ltd, to deliver My Career Insights for all Year 9 students in Victorian government schools.  

About the service

Starting in Term 1 2020, all Year 9 students in Victorian Government Schools will be offered the Morrisby Online career diagnostic assessment. This will take under two hours, and should be conducted in school time – typically in class groups or larger. Students with additional needs will be considered on an individual basis.

Following the assessment, both students and their parents will be encouraged to consider the information and answer some questions in preparation for a 1:1 career counselling session. This will be conducted by a qualified, external career practitioner, and will be carried out during school hours and on school premises. The discussions will include short-term specific subject choices as well as training, higher education and employment pathways and options.

Written interview notes summarising the counselling session and any action points will be provided to the school.  The outcome of this process will be to improve the quality and understanding of pathways for Year 9 students.

CEAV will work with Career Analysts to deliver this service to Victorian Government Schools.

More information

Morrisby Online is specifically designed and developed for volume career assessment of school-aged students.

  • It is interactive with customisation options. Once students have a login, all assessments can be taken again without further cost as students mature, and interests change.
  • Students are able to revisit the system later in their school life to complete additional assessments and undertake research. This builds a longitudinal career development approach rather than being a static ‘snapshot’, which does not change with the student.
  • It has a range of data management options, allowing schools to get value add from understanding the data collected for their students using their school’s login page.

Based on the successful delivery in Australia and in the UK, leadership teams and career practitioners will find the Morrisby Online assessments a valuable addition to the career education programs and services offered to students and parents in their schools.

My Career Insights for Year 9 students in Victorian government schools has been designed for students to make better choices about subject selection, vocational education and training, senior secondary school certificates, further study and training.

CEAV Support for Schools

The CEAV is the state based peak association supporting career practitioners to deliver quality career development service and programs.  The CEAV will deploy qualified career practitioners as Regional Coordinators to work directly with schools in the delivery of the My Career Insights. CEAV Regional Coordinators will be experts in the delivery of Morrisby Online and the associated careers guidance service provided to schools, students and parents.  Each Regional Coordinator will manage a team of qualified and accredited career practitioners who will undertake the 1:1 career counselling sessions with the Year 9 students.

IT Support and Helpdesk

The CEAV will provide IT Support and Helpdesk to all schools during the school year for My Career Insights.  The CEAV will provide a number for all troubleshooting in relation to the service delivery. All Victorian government schools can contact the CEAV Helpdesk by emailing support@ceav.vic.edu.au or phone 9433 8033 during school hours for technical and service delivery support.


The CEAV Regional Coordinators are currently contacting schools to organise My Career Insights for 2020.




Technical Support

Email: support@ceav.vic.edu.au

Phone: (03) 9433 8033


Project Manager

Adrienne Hazeldene

Email: ahazeldene@ceav.vic.edu.au

Phone: 0409 761 612


Morrisby Online Assessment Tool

Barry Darnell

Email: barry@careeranalysts.com.au